Finned Tube Radiators are extremely efficient heaters that link to a building’s hot water system. They’re perfect for commercial and public building interiors where outstanding aesthetics are a priority. The Electric Finned Tube Radiator is a strong convector that may be found in public spaces, plant rooms, and other more industrial settings. Our simple Finned Tube is a flexible element that is widely used in commercial and industrial heating systems.

The Fin Tube Radiator is an attractive, fashionable, and very effective modern high-spec commercial interior or remodelling project. It has a distinctive and unique design that is extremely durable and efficient. Standard lengths of 1m and 2m, powder coated in black or white, are available from stock, with tube diameters of 50mm or 80mm and overall fin diameters of 108mm or 137mm, respectively. For lengths up to 6 metres and a curved design option, bespoke orders are welcome.

  • Collapse of Gilled Tube / Finned Tube

This is commonly referred to as gilled tube by certain heating experts and finned tube by others. It is generally utilised in big projects when longer tube lengths are necessary for a heating system. It has a lot of flexibility because it can run LPHW, HPHW, and steam.

Individual tubes of up to 6 metres in length can be supplied with flanged ends for gasketing or threaded ends for joining with coupling joints or unions. There are bore sizes ranging from 25, 32, 40, 50, 65, and 80mm in diameter.

They come with a natural metal finish as standard. On request, powder painting (any RAL colour) or a hot dip galvanised finish are available.

Finned Tube Radiators
Finned Tube Radiators
  • Radiators with Finned Tubes

Unique and fashionable Finned Tube Radiators are so adaptable that they may be utilised in both contemporary and historical settings, and are frequently employed in renovation projects.

They are suitable for usage in individual rooms, conservatories, hallways, corridors, and reception spaces when connected to a building’s hot water boiler heating system.

The typical items come in black or white and come in lengths of 1 or 2 metres. Radiators may be made to order in any length up to 6 metres and in a range of colours.

  • Electric Finned Tube Radiators

The Electric Finned Tube Radiator is excellent for situations that demand a heavy-duty convector heater that is waterproof and may be washed down.

Plant rooms, greenhouses, food storage facilities, mines and quarries, shipboard and container storage are all common places.


The baseboard is made out of copper tubing and aluminium fins. It’s ideal for usage in a floor trench or convector casing for corridors in airports, hospitals, schools, museums, and supermarkets, and it’s frequently used in renovation projects as a replacement.

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