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A Simple Guide To Car Air Cooled Condenser & Radiator

Generally, a Car Air Cooled Condenser and radiator is a warmth exchanger that is applied to switch thermal Power from one medium to another for the essence of heating & Cooling. Radiators consist of a huge space of the cooling surface & utilize the stream of air to remove the encompassing heat. With easy entry to the coolant heat, right cooling is achieved. Modern cars use aluminium radiators however, they are usually made of brass & copper. This is a result of their high heat conductivity. their different sections are joined by soldering. It is obvious radiator is significant in automobile engines. The radiator price is very affordable. One of its primary functions is to allow heat to be blown away from the coolant. It also functions as a supply for coolant before entering the engine. therefore the malfunctioning of the component will cause significant engine harm caused by overheating. We offer a wide range of the best Car Air Cooled Condenser.

Role Of Car Air Cooled Condenser & Radiator:

Air Conditioning is the method involved with making the air agreeable for the car’s occupants. The engineers accomplished this by making changes in the air’s properties. This primarily incorporates its temperature & humidity. An air conditioner is a device that controls the properties of air. Air cooled Condenser price in India is very reasonable. Fundamentally, it further develops the air quality & its thermal condition. Now, understand the working of the Refrigeration Cycle utilized in car A/Cs. The Car Air Cooled Condenser the refrigerant under pressure through These 5 parts. At these places in the system, the refrigerant undergoes preset pressure and temperature changes. Fundamentally, the Car Air Cooled Condenser has two different circuits. One is circling the A/C refrigerant (cooling gas), whilst the opposite circulate the cabin air.

  1. Car Air Conditioner’s compressor:

The refrigeration gas flows inside the closed Refrigeration Circuit. It enters the blower, which packs it further. This enhances both its pressure & temperature. The compressor draws the low-pressure refrigerant gas through the attraction valve (low side). It then compresses the hot refrigerant and enhances its pressure. The compressor then forces it through the release valve (high side) into the condenser. 

  1. Car Air Conditioner’s condenser:

The condenser is arranged at the front of the vehicle. It sits behind the front barbecue and before the vehicle’s radiator; confronting the breeze. Surrounding air going through the condenser eliminates the hotness from the coursing refrigerant. Thus, the refrigerant proselytes from gas to liquid. The condenser unit looks & works basically the same as the engine radiator. It retains the heat from the hot refrigerant. Then, it changes over the high-pressure gas into the high-pressure liquid refrigerant.

  1. Car Air Conditioner’s receiver dryer :

Besides, the fluid refrigerant moves onto the Beneficiary Drier. It additionally contains a filter and a desiccant. Receiver Drier filters out the impurities and removes the dampness from the refrigerant. It additionally serves as a temporary storage tank for the fluid refrigerant.

  1. Car Air Conditioner’ Expansion Valve:

The high-pressure liquid refrigerant then flows to the development valve. As the refrigerant goes through the valve it becomes low temperature, low-pressure vapour & liquid. The enlargement valve sprays the refrigerant into the evaporator withinside the mist form. This valve controls the quantity of refrigerant coming into the evaporator.

  1. Car Air conditioner’s evaporator:

The low-pressure liquid quickly starts to boil and vaporizes as it enters the evaporator outlet a temperature sensor controls the expansion valve. The temperature sensor conveys the signal to open/close the expansion valve. This is to achieve the right flow of the refrigerant. It enables the A/C to attain the temperature & rate of the evaporator outlet.



In conclusion,a car air cooled condenser and radiator is a great way to keep your car cool and improve its overall performance. By following the simple guide above, you can easily install these parts on your own and enjoy the benefits they offer. Thanks for reading!

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