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Finned Tube Heat Exchanger An Brief Overview

Finned Tube Heat Exchanger

In this hot summer, we are sitting in a chilled room. Have you ever thought about how it is possible? That is because of heat exchangers. Heat exchanger applications are not only in domestic appliances but also in crucial industrial manufacturing sectors. They transfer heat between hot and cold streams to save energy. A heat exchanger with fins attached to the outer tube is known as a Finned Tube Heat Exchanger. In these heat exchangers, fins increase the surface area for heat transfer, which increases the rate of heat exchange.

What are Finned Tube Heat Exchangers?

Finned tube heat exchangers are the type of heat exchangers in which fins are attached to the outer tube of the exchanger. Adding fins facilitates the transfer of fluid outside the tube. It is for the transfer of air or another gas. 

In a finned tube heat exchanger, an overall flow pattern is often crossflow, but it can also be counterflow or parallel flow.

A finned tube is very helpful as one of the fluids is air or any other gas in an air heat exchanger. There is a low air-side heat transfer coefficient, which increases the surface area of heat transfer.


Why Finned Tube Heat Exchangers are made of Aluminum?

  • Aluminum is a lightweight metal than heavier metals like stainless steel or copper. In the case of radiators, the lightweight material improves the performance of the equipment.
  • Aluminum is a great heat conductor, making it an excellent choice for radiators. While comparing to other materials, aluminum radiators heat efficiently and quickly reach the necessary temperature.
  • It is a recyclable metal. So by buying aluminum radiators or fin tubes, you are getting an eco-friendly product.

Working Principle Of Finned Tube Heat Exchangers

In a finned tube heat exchanger, fins are outside the tubes. The liquid will flow through the finned tube with air or another gas flowing outside, increasing the heat transfer rate due to the greater heat transfer surface area.

The fins on a crossflow tube exchanger are usually circular or square radial fins. Fins should be longitudinal rather than radial in a counterflow or can be parallel flow fin tube exchangers. In an enclosed heat exchanger, finned tubes work as internal tubes. 

Uses Of Finned Tube Heat Exchanger

  • Finned tube heat exchangers are helpful in the condition where the heat transfer coefficient inside the fluid is higher than the fluid outside the tube. 
  • Other finned tube air heat exchangers include automobile radiators. The truck radiator‘s job is to cool the hot water in the tubes by circulating air through them in a crossflow pattern. Also, the objective of the air conditioner evaporator coil is to condense the air traveling through it.
  • Finned tube heat exchangers are helpful in the chemical industry, petrochemical industry, automobile (heavy truck radiators, car radiators) industry, etc.
  • Recent developments have seen dry cooling for steam power plants grow rapidly. In this method, an air-cooled condenser replaces a water-cooled condenser.
  • For different purposes, the shapes and sizes of fins are unique, like- S-shaped fins to increase the surface area for heat exchange in heavy truck radiators to increase the heat transfer rate. Therefore, these are the best truck radiators in use nowadays.

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One of the most emphatic discoveries in increasing tube heat transfer is the finned tube heat exchanger. The increased surface area allows a faster heat transfer between two components. Moreover, finned tube heat exchangers are advantageous for various industries like power, petrochemical, chemical, air conditioning, truck radiators( heavy truck radiators), and refrigeration.

At Narain Cooling Pvt. Ltd, we provide finned tubes made up of aluminum. Aluminum is the lightest and most recyclable metal. As a result, when you buy an aluminum radiator, you’re also getting an environmentally beneficial heat exchanger. They can pass on down the generations. You may obtain high-quality aluminum radiators made entirely of recycled material from Narain Cooling.

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Fin Tube Radiator: An Overview You Need To Know

fin tube radiator

However, you may wonder what the purpose of these fin tubes is and why these fin tubes are used in the exchangers. The Fin Tube Radiator is generally used in Heat Exchangers. This piece of thread will clear all your doubts about the usage, structure, and working of the Radiator.

What Are Fin Tubes?

A finned tube is made from elongated flat tubes made from aluminum-clad carbon steel and brazed aluminum fins. The finned tube radiator is the most widely used heat exchange equipment in gas and liquid heat exchangers. It achieves the purpose of enhancing heat transfer by adding fins to the standard base tube. These heat-transmitting fin tubes are nestled inside the casing, which consists of steel plating and insulation.

The base pipe can be steel pipe- stainless steel pipe, copper pipe, and so on. Fins can also use steel strips, stainless steel strips, copper strips, aluminum strips, etc.

Fin tube heat exchangers are used in household appliances and industrial heat exchangers, while car radiators and air conditioners use Fin tube heat exchangers.

The main reason to employ a fin tube is that the air passing through the tube is supposed to be cooled.

As in a car radiator, the air passes through the tube in crossflow. This supports cooling the liquid inside, and the advantage of fins over ordinary tubes is that they provide more significant contact with the liquid outside. Also, this allows for quicker heat exchange between the inside and outside of the tube.  

Uses Of Fin Tube Radiator

  • A finned tube is extremely helpful when the airside heat coefficient is lower, and as a finned tube increases surface area, this facilitates faster heat transfer between components.
  • The most widely used finned radiator is the steel-aluminum finned tube (finned steel-aluminum composite finned tube, rolled finned steel-aluminum composite finned tube), which utilizes the pressure resistance of the steel tube and the high efficiency of aluminum. The thermal conductivity is compounded on a particular machine tool. 
  • The steel-aluminum composite tube radiator has irreplaceable advantages over other finned tube radiators.
  • The finned tube radiator is generally used for heating or cooling air and has the characteristics of a compact structure and large unit heat exchange area. Widely used in textile, printing and dyeing, petroleum, chemical, drying, electric power, and other fields.

Why Choose Narain Cooling?

We manufacture aluminum products of the highest quality in our Mathura manufacturing unit with the most advanced equipment and dedicated professionals.

You will get the best build quality of a fin tube radiator from Narain Cooling. Our company is proud to be the only manufacturer of Aluminium Brazed products in the region of India and offer our clients the leading edge in automotive and industrial aluminum radiators, oil coolers, and intercoolers, which are designed for manufacture by original equipment manufacturers and aftermarket sales for the local market to meet the demand for Brazed Aluminium technology for new-generation vehicles and industrial applications.

Highlights Of Our Finned Tube 

Following are the key points of the Finned Tube radiator  offered by Narain Cooling:

  • We provide several Fin geometries
  • Narain Cooling has there own design facility and research and development team
  • The Finned Tube radiator  is a compact, anti-corrosive and Light-weighted
  • Varying core proportions utilizing standard parts
  • It provides a more efficient transfer of heat.

Our work is conducted with the psychology of protecting the environment and performing eco-friendly practices while manufacturing our products.

Narain Cooling Technologies has developed a wide variety of finned tube radiators, condensers, and many more in a short amount of time and has an excellent market position for its quality products and outstanding services.  

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Fin Tube Heat Exchanger: 6 Tips On How To Choose Your Most Suitable

Finned tubes are usually used as heat exchanger equipment used in gas & liquid heat exchangers. It accomplishes the purpose of upgrading heat transfer by adding fins to the ordinary base tube. The Fin Tube Heat Exchanger is one of the most successful discoveries in the process of improving tube heat transfer. A finned tube increases the surface area & thus helps in faster heat transfer between the components. 

Application of  fin tube heat exchanger

Fin tube heat exchangers are used in power, chemical, petrochemical, air conditioning engineering & refrigeration engineering, like surface air coolers, air heaters, & fan coils used in air conditioning engineering. The air cooler evaporator and frost-free refrigerator evaporator utilized in refrigeration engineering are not just appropriate for the flow of single-phase fluid, but also have great value for phase change heat.

fin tube heat exchange

Advantages of Using Finned Tubes

  • Increase Heat Transfer Rate

The fins in a finned tube enhance the surface area of contact. This permits it to quicken the heat transfer rate.

  • Improve Heat Transfer Coefficient

In an ordinary tube, the external surface area is just about the same or slightly different from the internal surface area. In such a case, the fluid with the smallest heat transfer coefficient will drive the entire heat transfer rate. A finned tube enhances the surface area fundamentally. This is especially useful when the heat transfer coefficient of the fluid inside the tube is more prominent than that of the fluid external to the tube.

  • Reduces Size of the Equipment & Makes Project Cost Efficient

Finned tubes can essentially expand the surface area. The utilization of a finned tube can cut down the number of tubes used in an application. These outcomes in a considerable decrease in the size of the equipment. In the long run, this can lead to a reduction in the cost of the project.

Selection parameters of fin tube heat exchanger

How to select a Fin Tube Heat Exchanger is indeed a question that consumers need to think about.

Some focus on thermal efficiency & care about whether they can obtain obvious outcomes in a short time; some focus on corrosion resistance due to environmental factors; & whether the shape is beautiful in mishaps. 

(1) The working pressure of the finned tube radiator should meet the working pressure of the system and comply with the current national product standards;

(2) Industrial buildings with high requirements for dust emission or dust prevention should use finned tube radiators that are simple & easy to clean;

(3) Corrosion-resistant finned tube radiators should be used in industrial buildings with corrosive gases or in environments with high relative humidity;

(4) When using steel finned tube radiators, a closed system should be adopted and meet the product’s water quality requirements.

(5) When using aluminum finned tube radiators, internal anti-corrosion aluminum Fin Tube Heat Exchanger should be used, and meet the product’s water quality requirements;

(6) Choose a regular finned tube radiator manufacturer, with better after-sales guidance, installation, and technical support. 

Why Use Aluminum Fins?

According to the heat exchange application and operation, there are different materials. The normal ones are Aluminum, Alloy, Copper, Brass, Nickel, Titanium, Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, and so forth, among which aluminum and alloy are mostly used. The basic performance for fin tube heat exchange should be good solderability and formability, higher mechanical strength, good corrosion resistance, and thermal conductivity. In spite of these, aluminum and alloy are also featured in extension & more tensile strength-enhancing under lower temperatures. We are air-cooled condenser manufacturers in India. Around the world, especially for low temperature & compact heat exchange, they are widely applied.

4 Main features of using Aluminum –

  1. Low Density

By alloying and heat treatment, it can reach the structure of construction steel. Appropriate for different transportation, particularly for small vehicles, reducing weight & consumption.

  1. Good Corrosion Resistance

When under cruel conditions, the material oxide from aluminum is non-toxic. With aluminum heat exchange, no worries that air or liquid inside will be destructed by oxide later quite a while.

  1. Good Thermal Conductivity

Particularly reasonable for radiating fin, heat transfer evaporator, and condenser.  

  1. High Yielding and resistance to die-cutting.

It is simple for processing and form.

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Why are Aluminum Fin Tube Radiators Best?

Fin tube radiators are widely used as a tool in heat exchange equipment. It acts as a gas and liquid heat exchanger in many units. The main purpose of fin tube radiators is to enhance the heat transfer by adding its finds to a base pipe. Now, the base pipe is made with several materials such as copper, aluminum, stainless steel, etc. 

The overall structure of a fin tube radiators can be summarized as a cold heat exchanger fin which is added to the tube and enhances the heat dissipation. Since there are different types of materials used to make fin tube radiators, the most commonly used radiator is an aluminum fin tube radiator. It has the power to resist corrosion and high efficiency in thermal conductivity. Moreover, it has irreplaceable advantages when compared with other materials. 

The fin tube radiators are mainly used for cooling or heating purposes. Many industries today use aluminum fin tube radiators for their production process such as petroleum & oil industry, chemical, textile, electricity, etc. 

While looking for radiators, it is important to consider the material they are made with. The metal of a radiator hugely impacts the performance; thus, it is necessary to check out the material. Aluminum radiators are becoming more and more popular these days and many manufacturers are selling aluminum radiators such as Narain Cooling. Some of the associated benefits of aluminum radiators are as follows-

Importance Of Fin Tube Radiators

Light in Weight

Aluminum is a light metal as compared to other metals such as stainless steel or copper which are much heavier. Concerning radiators, the lightweight material enhances the performance of the equipment. Another benefit provided by an aluminum radiator is that it is easy to transport. Thus, it becomes less burdensome for the transportation or courier companies to carry. Additionally, the shipping cost will also be reduced. 

At Narain Cooling, we believe in assisting our clients with the best in quality products at less price. With this, you will understand why aluminum radiators are the best in value. Also, during installation, the engineers or plumbers can easily install them due to their lightweight and they can be conveniently lifted to other places or stairs. 

Energy Efficient

Aluminum is considered an excellent heat conductor which makes it a brilliant choice to use in radiators. Since aluminum radiators heat efficiently, they easily rise to the desired temperature as compared with other materials. Also, this way it will largely impact your electricity bill and save energy as it is required to increase the temperature. Not only this, aluminum radiators even use less gas and water during the heat temperature process. So, with less gas, water, and energy consumed by an aluminum radiator, it serves as a purpose of sustainable development. 

Simple to Shape

Steel is a very hard and rigid metal that is difficult to bend, reshape, or manipulate in any shape. However, aluminum is a flexible and soft metal that can be molded into different shapes. Therefore, you can create eye-appealing radiator designs. Moreover, while comparing a steel and aluminum metal radiator, the difference between the two is visible. If you find a radiator that is curved, round or smoothed shaped, then it is an aluminum radiator. Narain Cooling manufactures radiators made with aluminum due to their extravagant benefits. Also, if you want something different and unique for your home or business, then Narain Cooling offers top-quality designed aluminum radiators. 

Easily Recycled

Aluminum is 100% recyclable material because it contains a metal that can be recycled. Therefore, while you are purchasing an aluminum radiator, you will be buying an eco-friendly heat exchanger. Moreover, they can be passed onto generations. Though aluminum is one of the abundant metals, it should be used efficiently. At Narain Cooling, you can get high-quality aluminum radiators made completely with recycled material. 

The above points clearly state the benefits aluminum fin tube radiators offer. Thus, make a step forward to sustainability by purchasing aluminum radiators from Narain Cooling. 

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