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The Working Mechanism Of The PTC Heater

ptc heater

Evolution is the nature of this world. Nothing is permanent, same with the technology, as the new technology invested in the previous one will be replaced. The same happens with heaters, previously worked and coiled heaters are present, but now PTC heater is replacing them. PTC is based on new technology and is much more efficient than traditional. 

The Positive Temperature Coefficient heater is abbreviated as the PTC heater. These heaters are highly efficient and effective than the traditional ones. There is no requirement of controlling these heaters; they can regulate themselves and don’t require any external control. The working mechanism of Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) heaters is different from the traditional heater. 

Functioning of Ptc Heater

They use conductive ink that is capable of passing out electricity from them. This ink is printed on polymer-based substrates. This ink will heat up automatically when it comes in contact with electricity. This PTC heater is faster, safer, and can continuously give uniform heating. And more importantly, this doesn’t get red hot like the traditional heater is. 

It has an automated sensor that regulates the on and off of the heater according to the need and requirement. This will avoid the overheating of the heater as there is no control of the external circuit. It can deliver the best performance in the meantime and saves a lot of energy. 

Advantages Of PTC Heater

Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) heaters hold a lot of benefits and advantages. Here are some of them: 


  • It has waterproof technology, which makes it used in places with water risks like in bathrooms and kitchens. 
  • It does get heat on the handles, making it portable to any place, even if turned on. Its features and specifications make it an ideal electric mobile heater. 
  • It doesn’t release any electromagnetic radiation harmful to your skin and organs. The main advantage of this heater is its eco-friendliness. It also doesn’t produce any pollution or electrical burns other than radiation. 
  • There is no wastage of water. This is based on the new technology, so the 100% conversion of electric energy into heat energy occurs. 
  • It has a long life. According to the researchers and analyzers, it can see for up to 30,000 hours without any service and maintenance. 
  • It doesn’t get red hot, which preempts all kinds of burns and the risk of wire melting. Even if the electricity voltage accidentally increases, the modern mechanism of the Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) heaters will shut the heater automatically. 

Is It Worth Buying?

Yes, Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) heaters provide many features and benefits that make them worth buying. It consumes less power and gives better and healthy output, and saves you from numerous risks. They recognized the unique properties of PTC heaters, making them more reliable, safer, and more cost-effective than traditional resistance wire heaters. PTC air heaters are designed with finned resistive heating elements to ensure balanced heat transfer at low airflow.

These produced ceramic stones have unique properties as semiconductors, the properties of which can be determined during their design and manufacture. Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) heaters devices do not burn oxygen and are safer to use in a controlled environment. This also makes them more energy efficient.

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Takeaway Points

In the growing world, the pollution and consumption of electricity continuously increase, which harms the environment. There is a requirement for such revolutionary products and replacements as Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) heaters. These small things will contribute a lot to an eco-friendly world. Other than the environment, it also saves your money, increases safety, and provides continuous heat during winters. 

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Know All The Benefits of PTC Heater

ptc heater

It often becomes difficult to ascertain the right PTC Heating technology which best fits your needs. Many industrial and commercial customers want a unique combination of heating systems with safety and efficiency. Such requirement can be fulfilled at Narain Cooling by using Ptc Heater Manufacturers . These are the perfect solutions for every problem, and it’s an innovative technology that combats the traditional resistance wires and reinstates them with chips or ceramic stones. Moreover, they are simple switches in different materials which provide excellent heating, unlike traditional coil electric heaters. Here, you will learn some major benefits offered by PTC heaters and how this technology is superior to traditional.

A PTC heater is a type of electric heater that uses a semiconductor material to convert electrical energy into heat. The advantages of Positive Temperature Coefficient heaters over other types of electric heaters are many.

PTC Heating are more energy efficient than other types of electric heaters because they only use the electricity needed to generate the amount of heat required. Other types of electric heaters, such as resistance heating, use a constant amount of electricity regardless of the desired temperature, leading to wasted energy and higher bills.

Positive Temperature Coefficient heaters also have a longer lifespan than other types of electric heaters. This is because they do not have any moving parts that can wear out over time. Additionally, PTC heaters are more resistant to damage from dust and other debris than other types of electric heaters.

PTC Heaters Are Long-Lasting

The high temperature inside any equipment can result in a shorter lifespan of the equipment. Similar to, an overheated laptop or cellphone, a heater also does not last very long if it is exposed to extreme temperatures for a longer duration. However, PTC heaters, only provide heating when required as per their preprogrammed goal. It limits overheating, which means the chances of burnout are reduced significantly.

PTC Heaters Gives Increased Safety Level

The most powerful reason to shift to a PTC heating system is the safety it offers. Traditional heaters usually run at internal temperatures which can go up to 482 degrees Celsius, whereas PTC heaters will run at 270 degrees Celsius. As said above, lower running temperatures tend to provide utmost safety to the equipment. Moreover, PTC stones used do not produce heat constantly at a uniform rate like resistance wires, rather they cool down faster to prevent overheating. These heaters are also less prone to overheating because of sludge or scale buildup.

Proven Track Record

Earlier, PTC Heating changed the heating industry significantly by bringing a revolutionary Sealed Bearing System (SBS). It is a high-performance and cost-effective bearing solution which enhances the cooling life of a fan by lowering dust contamination or oil leaks. However, to understand the real advantage of SBS, you have to look deeply into the manufacturing of fans. 

Lower Operating Costs and Downtime

Narain Cooling has manufactured PTC heaters that provide safe and long-lasting results. It makes sense that the benefits of PTC heaters greatly positively impact your needs. A PTC heater system equals spending less money on special equipment and avoiding overheating problems. Also, the running of these heaters breaks down less and does not require much maintenance. 

At Narain Cooling, we are very proud to offer the latest and innovative PTC heating technology to our clients. They offer you extreme heating benefits with their heating disc made up of ceramic material. You can get these unique discs at customization. 

Final Thoughts

If you’re interested in learning and knowing more about PTC heaters, call Narain Cooling today and find a perfect piece of heating system for your industry today. 


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PTC Heater: A Full Definative Guide You Should Know

PTC heating system

Has it ever occurred to you that heaters usually tend to stop when you need them the most? Or have you heard of having hot spots on your car seats? Well, earlier we all were dependent on fixing such issues using fixed-resistance heaters. However, safety remains one of the most crucial underlying factors when only a single sensor provides you with the temperature of the heater. Despite the issues that have set back the usage of traditional heaters, Narain Cooling has an answer to overcome all such issues, using a PTC heater. 

Let’s first understand what is PTC heater and how they work. 

What is PTC Heater?

Positive Temperature Coefficients are self-regulating heaters. It consists of specialized heating discs made up of advanced ceramic materials. They run open-loop without the need for any external diagnostic controls. Unlike the traditional heaters that require wires and coils to produce heat, PTC heaters themselves use conductive inks. These inks are printed on flexible and thin polymer substrates. 

These heaters are ideal for products that require faster, safer, and uniform heating. The characteristics of this heating system provide high efficiency and reliability as they allow it to act as its sensor, thus eliminating the need for external control. As a result, the heater lowers the risk of overheating. 

PTC heaters use temperature coefficient materials that exhibit positive resistance to changes in the temperature.

Given the traits of PTC heaters, these are widely used for different purposes in industries & applications. They have been used in the automotive industry for decades now, where it thrives to survive in extreme conditions and environments. The robustness of PTC heaters has proved from car seats to surgical tubes and a wide range of applications in different industries. 


In the automotive industry, PTC heaters are used to improve the heating within the vehicle including battery thermal management, seat heating, sensor de-icing, rearview, steering wheel heating, etc. This technology provides easy integration for in-flight applications, thereby making it an ideal choice to warm things like seats, walls, etc.


In the medical industry, safety is of utmost importance. These heaters offer under-body heating solutions and are ideal for human, veterinary, patient beds, blankets, and gurneys. These are also used in clinic chairs, dentist chairs, etc. The safety that comes with heaters makes them an effective material to be used in applications that involve direct contact with the skin. Moreover, you can also use them in fluid warming applications, shipment solutions, and drug storage. 

Public Spaces & Stadiums

PTC heaters provide more energy efficiency, unlike alternative technologies that are available today. They operate seamlessly in extreme conditions and adapt to dynamic changes in temperature. Moreover, they are also suited for mass production and can be easily used in outdoor venues like amphitheaters, stadiums, park benches, etc.

Food, Beverages & Restaurants

PTC heaters are efficiently employed in an industry that is governed by FDA (Food & Drug Administration) regulations. From fluid to food warming in food storage shipment, the heaters are used in various stages of food processing. Also, in the restaurant industry, they are placed on countertops or plates for warming solutions or food delivery bags.

Final Thoughts

PTC heaters offer endless possibilities and can be easily remodeled in terms of sizes and shapes.  The advantage of using the heater far exceeds the traditional heating system. Moreover, they are much safer and more efficient. Contact Narain Cooling to understand more about PTC heaters and get yourself one for your industry.

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