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Although we all have heard of radiators, most of us are unaware of their purpose. An aluminum radiator is an important component of a vehicle’s cooling system. The primary function of the radiator is to prevent it from overheating by regulating its temperature. When the radiator doesn’t work properly there is an increased chance of overheating the vehicle. 

In earlier times, there were radiators made from copper or brass in most vehicles but eventually, these radiators are replaced with radiators of different materials like an Aluminum radiator.

Benefits of Aluminum Radiator :


  • Cost-effective 

It is less expensive and easy to repair than copper and brass. Additionally, they are less expensive than plastic radiators.

  • Lightweight 

They are lighter and due to aluminum radiators and being light in weight the vehicle is more fuel efficient.

  • Durable

There are fewer chances of radiators cracking as they are durable even under high temperatures.

  • Corrosion resistant

Less susceptible to corrosion and rust too.

  • Recyclable

These aluminum radiators are recyclable and are one of the most abundant metals on Earth.

One of the important benefits of these radiators is that they are made up of recyclable metal which is also good for the environment. Aluminum radiators are conductors of heat and absorb it faster, so it allows the hot coolant going through tubes to cool more quickly.

How does an aluminum radiator work?

The main goal of a car radiator is to keep the vehicle cool. The heat is generated when the engine in a vehicle burns fuel. So it is the utmost to remove this heat from the engine and prevent it from damage.

Thus radiators are an important component to eliminate excessive heat. Further, the thermostat detects the excess heat and then the coolant or water is released by the radiator and absorbs the excessive heat.

The excessive heat is absorbed by the liquid and is sent to the radiator which works to blow air across it and thus cool it down. During this process, the radiator utilizes thin metal fins which are effective and they allow the air to escape outside the car. The fins are helpful to blow air across the radiator.

Automotive radiator price and how much they last for

Check out the best quality, genuine and high-performance car radiators available at Narain cooling. Additionally, these radiators are eco-friendly and they can run for a long. So the automotive radiator price is worth paying as they are ideal to use. An aluminum radiator lasts for a longer period, usually 8-10 years.

What are the common signs of failure of automotive radiators?

Every car owner or driver wants to avoid being on the side of the road due to overheating of the engine. So to avoid such a situation vehicle owner must keep a regular check about the signs of failure of the radiator to avoid expensive repairs.

Some common signs of failure of the radiator are: 

  • Rise and fall of temperature in the cluster temperature gauge.
  • Sometimes there might be the smell of smoke under the hood of the car.
  • There are chances to collect the coolant under the vehicle and this is usually green in color.
  • On the components of the cooling system, rust can be visible.
  • However, there are mechanics to keep a check on the cooling system and radiator so they can last long.


If you are looking for the best aluminum radiator then we are specialized in aluminum radiators and have been working for years in this industry. Narain cooling thus feels proud to offer aluminum radiators that are manufactured from recycled metal. Thus we are known as the leading aluminum radiator manufacturer in India and serve best to our clients.

Additionally, if the radiator maintenance is done regularly it will operate well and its longevity is assured.

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