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Fin Tube Radiator: An Overview You Need To Know

fin tube radiator

However, you may wonder what the purpose of these fin tubes is and why these fin tubes are used in the exchangers. The Fin Tube Radiator is generally used in Heat Exchangers. This piece of thread will clear all your doubts about the usage, structure, and working of the Radiator.

What Are Fin Tubes?

A finned tube is made from elongated flat tubes made from aluminum-clad carbon steel and brazed aluminum fins. The finned tube radiator is the most widely used heat exchange equipment in gas and liquid heat exchangers. It achieves the purpose of enhancing heat transfer by adding fins to the standard base tube. These heat-transmitting fin tubes are nestled inside the casing, which consists of steel plating and insulation.

The base pipe can be steel pipe- stainless steel pipe, copper pipe, and so on. Fins can also use steel strips, stainless steel strips, copper strips, aluminum strips, etc.

Fin tube heat exchangers are used in household appliances and industrial heat exchangers, while car radiators and air conditioners use Fin tube heat exchangers.

The main reason to employ a fin tube is that the air passing through the tube is supposed to be cooled.

As in a car radiator, the air passes through the tube in crossflow. This supports cooling the liquid inside, and the advantage of fins over ordinary tubes is that they provide more significant contact with the liquid outside. Also, this allows for quicker heat exchange between the inside and outside of the tube.  

Uses Of Fin Tube Radiator

  • A finned tube is extremely helpful when the airside heat coefficient is lower, and as a finned tube increases surface area, this facilitates faster heat transfer between components.
  • The most widely used finned radiator is the steel-aluminum finned tube (finned steel-aluminum composite finned tube, rolled finned steel-aluminum composite finned tube), which utilizes the pressure resistance of the steel tube and the high efficiency of aluminum. The thermal conductivity is compounded on a particular machine tool. 
  • The steel-aluminum composite tube radiator has irreplaceable advantages over other finned tube radiators.
  • The finned tube radiator is generally used for heating or cooling air and has the characteristics of a compact structure and large unit heat exchange area. Widely used in textile, printing and dyeing, petroleum, chemical, drying, electric power, and other fields.

Why Choose Narain Cooling?

We manufacture aluminum products of the highest quality in our Mathura manufacturing unit with the most advanced equipment and dedicated professionals.

You will get the best build quality of a fin tube radiator from Narain Cooling. Our company is proud to be the only manufacturer of Aluminium Brazed products in the region of India and offer our clients the leading edge in automotive and industrial aluminum radiators, oil coolers, and intercoolers, which are designed for manufacture by original equipment manufacturers and aftermarket sales for the local market to meet the demand for Brazed Aluminium technology for new-generation vehicles and industrial applications.

Highlights Of Our Finned Tube 

Following are the key points of the Finned Tube radiator  offered by Narain Cooling:

  • We provide several Fin geometries
  • Narain Cooling has there own design facility and research and development team
  • The Finned Tube radiator  is a compact, anti-corrosive and Light-weighted
  • Varying core proportions utilizing standard parts
  • It provides a more efficient transfer of heat.

Our work is conducted with the psychology of protecting the environment and performing eco-friendly practices while manufacturing our products.

Narain Cooling Technologies has developed a wide variety of finned tube radiators, condensers, and many more in a short amount of time and has an excellent market position for its quality products and outstanding services.  

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Car Radiators: The Ultimate Guide You Should Know


India is one of the main car radiators industries globally, and radiators are an indispensable part of any engine system. Apropos of  Car Radiatorss are concerned, one should endeavour not but the first-rate to make sure in regard  their engine features quality withinside the lengthy run

car radiators

What are the features of car radiators?

Automotive radiators are of greater significance in crucial aspects of an engine than any of its components are. Engines of vehicles generally tend to warm up excessively because of their regular work. If this warmness does now no longer discover a manner to depart the engine it could backfire and cause some of the issues and the engine might also additionally destroy down. So it is important to find the right manufacturer of radiators.

Radiators right here assist in channelling that warmness to the outdoor of the automobile so that the most appropriate temperature of the engine remains in place. This is why it’s crucial that radiator manufacturers, specifically radiator producers in India, deliver their clients nothing but pre-eminent quality.

What function does the producing enterprise play?

It is the fact that the car radiator is one of the maximum crucial components of the complete engine, however, it’s miles handiest as exact because the automobile radiator manufacturers in India which made it constructed it to be that is why they make certain you put money into a radiator from an enterprise that has honest popularity for supplying not anything but preeminent quality, nice fabric, and merchandise to its clients.

Not only this will prevent cash waste however additionally effort and time withinside the lengthy run. Industrial radiator manufacturers in India belong to one of the first-rate main manufacturing industries withinside the marketplace which makes a speciality of generating car radiators solely for any automobile and from any enterprise. It will make a terrific preference to buy your radiators from.

There are specific sorts of substances used to create those specific sorts of radiators. Some of them are indexed below. You can choose a radiator belonging to any of those substances that is consistent with your personal needs.

  • Mild metallic
  • Cast iron
  • Stainless metallic
  • Aluminium

What elements should be saved in thoughts whilst deciding on a radiator?

Know what precisely you’re searching out in a radiator. If you’ve got a relatively small home, then move for a smaller one, or the other way around. Also, have finances in mind and strictly adhere to it. Here are a number of the opposite elements you should maintain in your thoughts whilst zeroing down on the decision to choose the right radiator from the right radiator company in India. Your radiator should be clean and easy to hold. Some radiators call for a tedious cleansing procedure which isn’t always really well worth the effort and time. Hence search for one which is easy to do so.

 In addition, radiators should be capable of functioning without producing a disturbing sound sufficient to disturb the human beings around them. This is one of the many ignored elements whilst shopping for a radiator. Another important thing to keep in mind for the radiator is that it is particularly utilised in heating and cooling machines to alter their temperatures and radiate warmth. Make certain it does it a process well.

Microchannel condensers are supposed to be used as condensing coils in an extensive variety of air conditioning, cooling, and refrigeration packages and Equipment. Air Cooled condensers are designed to be used with quite a few refrigerants, consisting of HFC- and HFO-primarily based gases and by-product mixtures, herbal refrigerants, Car Radiators, and blends

What is a finned tube?

These tubes are utilised in a chain in warmness exchangers. The gain they provide over everyday tubes is that the fins provide extra touch with the liquid outdoors. This accelerates the trade of warmth among the liquid in the tube and the only outdoor it. With an everyday tube, the fee of trade of warmth might be an awful lot slower.

Finned tubes are to be had in specific shapes. They are to be had as oval tubes, spherical tubes, and flow tubes.

Now you’ve got been pretty stated approximately the aforementioned subjective information now allow us to inform you why us, there’s handiest one phrase for it nice

Our goal is to obtain nice innovation because the nice itself has been described as a diploma of excellence and ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016 certification satisfy our patron requirements. We have a robust group of specialists now no longer handiest to hold the nice manage measures however additionally to supply nice merchandise with the cost for cash. 

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