About Us

Chairman’s Message

It is my great pleasure to introduce Narain Cooling Technologies Pvt. Ltd., a branch of Narain Cooling Technologies. Having been in business for over 8 years, Narain Cooling Technologies has enjoyed a strong reputation in the Heat Transfer Industry.

Narain Cooling Technologies aim is to continue to be at the pinnacle of our profession through innovation and a new way of thinking by keeping with the rapid technical progress during the present period. We believe this has accumulated in the provision of quality products at a fair price as the markets dictate and expects.

The employees and management of Narain Cooling Technologies are dedicated to maintaining their position as the leader in the heat transfer industry. Narain Cooling Technologies promises to continue making these contributions while at the same time standing behind its products by delivering unparalleled reliability and service.

We extend our deepest gratitude to the supporters of Narain Cooling Technologies and ask for your continued love and encouragement.

We trust you will continue to place your confidence in Narain Cooling Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Our Vision

To pursue and consolidate the position of Leadership through Dedication, Innovation, and Passion.

Our Mission

To maximize the value creation of all the clients of the company through supply of cost effective products, services through integration of people, technology, process and business system.


Plot Area 4152 m2
Total Covered Area 3072 m2
Established 2012
Product Range Aluminum Fin & Tube Radiator, Condenser, PTC Heaters
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