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Microchannel Condenser Coil is widely used as they provide high performance. They are significantly used in various applications. The traditional heat exchangers are less capable than it. By reducing thermal resistance and system size, there is an increase in the efficiency of the system level. It is widely used in radiators and automotive Condenser Coil.

The coils are made of aluminum and are mostly used because of superior heat transfer due to increased surface area. 

This technique differs significantly from the traditional copper-aluminum condenser and is more than reliable; nearly it’s a standard in the automotive industry. The microchannel condenser is constructed entirely of aluminum, and the fins are put between the two successive tubes and fixed. These fins are procured from a single-channeled aluminum sheet. 

Along the tubes, a variable number of channels can have different geometry. Compared to the tubes utilized in copper-aluminum coils, the internal sections of these channels are incredibly narrow. 

Advantages of Condenser Coil

The condenser coil is generally more efficient than its copper-aluminum counterparts of the same size due to these characteristics, enabling an efficient heat exchange between the condensing fluid and the battery channels. 

The main advantage of a microchannel battery is its low volume which means less refrigerant inside the condenser.

However, conventional condensers are 30% to 50% of the total refrigerant mass of the machine, the microchannel condensers decrease the whole mass of the refrigerant and its respective price. Microchannel condensers greatly enhance the performance of HVAC systems compared to conventional finned tube designs.

  • An increase in heat transmission efficiency drops lower airside pressure

Another important advantage of microchannel heat exchangers over conventional HVAC coil designs is their low airside resistance. The similar size microchannel heat exchanger has a 60 percent less airside pressure drop than a 6-row finned tube heat exchanger of the same size and capacity. Thus, it lowers the fan power consumption and noise level generated by the fans 

  • The coil face area is reduced 

Aluminum microchannel heat exchangers have gained much popularity in the automotive industry due to their lightweight, small size, and low internal volume. These qualities are essential in the cooling systems industry, particularly when it comes to mobile cooling systems. Their reduced size and weight relate not only to the cheaper transport and handling costs but also to the lowered employment cost.

  • Resistant to corrosion

The corrosion potential of the all-aluminum microchannel coils is substantially lower than that of multi-metal coils as there are no dissimilar metals. As a result, microchannel coils are fundamentally a superior option for installations near the ocean, in polluted areas, or in any other situation where corrosion might be a problem. Compared to manually brazed heat exchangers, microchannel coils only need one braze operation in a controlled environment, lowering the possibility of leaks.

  • Protective coating 

The multi-metal finned tube coils are more susceptible to galvanic corrosion than aluminum microchannel coils. So installing multi-metal finned tube coils may require a high level of protection. We advise employing microchannel heat exchangers in petrochemical facilities, adiabatic systems, installations in extremely contaminated areas, or maritime atmospheres to ensure long service life.

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