Air Cooled Condenser

Air Cooled Condenser is used in various applications as they are highly efficient. They are high in performance and are widely used in the radiator and automotive condenser coils. The condensers are resistant to corrosion and have better heat transfer. The Air Cooled Condensers meet all the cooling requirements as they have high heat exchanger capacity.

Types of Microchannel (Air Cooled Condenser)

Based on the condensing medium, three different types of Air Cooled Condensers are used to remove heat from the system. This depends on the situation and which condenser is appropriate for the particular situation.

There are three types of Microchannel condensers

  • Water cooled condensers 
  • Air-cooled condensers
  • Evaporative condensers

Water cooled condensers

These condensers are used with compressors of 1hp or more. This condenser is economical as this water is used. In this, the water cools the hot refrigerant and converts it into liquid. These condensers are widely used where there is a continuous supply of water.

There are three types of water-cooled condensers

  • Double tube
  • Shell and coil condenser
  • Shell and tube condenser 

Air Cooled Condenser

A finned continuous tube coil makes up condensers. Vapor from the compressor discharge enters the top of the coil, and liquid exits the bottom, flowing into receivers beneath the base. The condenser coil is blown with air by a fan that is installed on the pulleys of the compressor motor.

The unit must be located in a ventilated and cooled place. If the temperature of ambient air is low then less power is required for the same capacity. Its main advantage is that it is simple and the installation cost is also low. They are mostly used in water coolers, air conditioners, etc. This air is used as the external fluid to reject heat from the system. Moreover, these condensers have copper coils and the refrigerant flows through them. 

The Air Cooled Condensers are of two types.

  • Natural convection
  • Forced convection

Natural convection

When the air comes in contact with the hot coil, it absorbs refrigerant heat inside the coil and increases the temperature. The warm air replaces the cold air as it is lighter in weight and also the cold air touches the hot coils to reject heaters. This process continues till the refrigerant loses heat.

Forced convection

The heat from the refrigerant inside the coil is removed by a fan or blower. The fan blows the air inside the coils. The fins in these condensers are tightly placed. It is mostly used in air conditioners, water coolers, etc.

Evaporative condensers

Air flows upward into the refrigerant coil through spray, eliminator, and fan and is discharged at the top of the unit. Refrigerant enters the top of the coil and flows down 

Coolants enter the coil at the top and flow downward. The receiver, which is frequently housed in the water tank, receives the condensed liquid and uses it to further cool the liquid refrigerant. A pump that is placed on the unit draws water from it and releases it through a spray nozzle that points downward above the refrigerant coil.

The circulating water evaporates and is transferred to the tank through a valve. The salt concentration is increased in water due to evaporation. Due to the increase in salt concentration water treatment is recommended.

Comparison between the three condensers

Evaporative condensers are mostly used in places where the supply of water is less. They are also more cost-effective than water-cooled condensers. When the weather is cold, the evaporator is kept outside and the water pump is turned off to avoid freezing water.

Additionally, the maintenance cost of air-cooled condensers is low in comparison to water-cooled condensers.


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