PTC Heaters

PTC heaters, also known as Positive Temperature Coefficient Heaters are a modern and innovative technology that has been hitting the market with gained recognition. It is mainly utilized in electronic printing. In other words, it is a screen that is printed onto a flexible substrate which increases the piece of material to become paper-thin. Such heaters make use of special inks that are conductive, resistive, and positive temperature coefficients. 

Additionally, flexible printed PTC heaters have eliminated the need for traditional heating methods as new technology has emerged at Narain Cooling. This new technology has been offered at Narain Cooling to get your requirements fulfilled by providing you with the best-in-class PTC heater. 

PTC heaters are the preferred technology mainly due to their lightweight characteristics, especially in those industries where space & weight are the limitations. We manufacture this technology just similar to printed circuitry. Thus, we have an optimal production process to manufacture PTC heaters on a large scale. These are particularly beneficial for industries that are fully commercialized.

Benefits of Flexible PTC Heaters :

The modern technological PTC heaters market is expected to increase the demand to great extent by 2027. It is mainly because the demand for this technology is not restricted due to its size and weight. A variety of industries are undergoing massive technological changes and advancements, therefore they are looking to adopt the more suitable and robust technological solutions. 

The benefits of the PTC heating system at Narain Cooling are the easy integration of the new and old products. Other benefits include-

  • Ultra-thing
  • Durability in harsh environments
  • Self-regulating
  • Operated using the battery, thus not restricted to a PowerPoint
  • Comes in full customization with resistance, shapes, sizes, and configurations.

Which Industries use PTC Heating Technology?

PTC heaters are used across plenty of industries and many of them have not discovered it yet. Some of them which use this technology are-

  • In the apparel industry where clothing items like gloves, jackets, boots, etc., An example of the same can be motorcyclists using heating technology to keep it warm. 
  • In the defense industry, PTC heating is used in soldiers’ boots and uniforms to help them combat harsh weather conditions.
  • The medical industry makes use of PTC heaters in the bedding to keep the temperature regulated for the patients in and out of the surgery.
  • Automotive and aerospace also take advantage of this technology by incorporating it in steering wheels, heated seats, de-icing functions in windscreens and mirrors, and defogging.
  • Sports and recreation use PTC heaters for athlete’s muscle recovery. 
  • Consumers have multiple uses for flexible PTC heaters as it is popular in the consumer product market as a defogging agent in camera lenses. The demand has increased because photographers are increasing around the world as well.

If you’re considering purchasing a PTC heater, there are a few things you should know about them. PTC heaters are more efficient than traditional heaters, and they’re also very quiet. They’re a good choice for small spaces, and they can be used with a variety of different thermostats. PTC heaters are a great way to save money on your heating bill, and they’re an environmentally friendly option as well.

Final thoughts

The possibilities of having a PTC heater are endless and using them will help you abundantly. This technology has become very well known around the world and the demand has increased manifold. Contact Narain Cooling to get the best of this technology. 

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