Press Machines Manufacturers

A Narain Cooling Press Machine is a piece of machinery that uses pressure to change the form of a work item. A press-tool setter or a tool setter is someone who uses Narain Cooling machines manufactured in Mathura India. The press style used has a direct relationship with the final result. Straight side, geared; BG (back geared), gap, OBI, and OBS are the many types of presses. The working/moving elements of hydraulic and mechanical Narain Cooling Press Machines Manufacturer are classified according to the formation on which they are placed. The straight side press and the gap-frame, often known as the C-frame, are the most popular. A side that has straight Vertical columns on each side of the machine eliminates angular deviation in the Narain Cooling Press Machine India. A C-frame allows for easy access to the die area on three sides while taking up less floor space.

Automotive Press Machine Working Process


Machine presses may be hazardous and unexpected, necessitating the use of safety and protective measures. Bi-manual controls, which require both hands to be on the buttons in order to use and function, are a fantastic method to avoid mishaps.

It is possible to categorise presses based on
  • The mechanism: mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic;
  • The function: stamping presses, forging presses, punch press, press brakes, etc.
  • The structure: screw press, knuckle-joint press.
  • The controllability: servo-presses vs. conventional.
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