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Narain Cooling is a major manufacturer of fin machines in the market. Narain Cooling has been producing fin production equipment for any amount of work for decades. Our Fin Production equipment is long-lasting and reliable. We also supply fin manufacturing machine accessories in addition to the equipment. Die carts, fin stock dollys, and fin stock threaders are among the available accessories.

Fin Machine Manufacturer

Other fin press manufacturers do not provide such a diverse range of machines like Narain cooling does. Our high-volume equipment, such as the VC-3WSP Fin Collector, the HFP75 Fin Press, and the RLC75F Fin Press, are constantly in great demand. Click here for a quotation on our fin production equipment.

Machines for producing finned heat exchangers

If you’re a high-volume heat exchanger coil producer, the Fin Press – HFP75 is just what you’re searching for. The HFP75 is equipped with a cutting-edge guiding mechanism and user-friendly controls. It’s made to cut down on set-up time and boost productivity. The RLC75F is another popular Fin Press. The Fin Press series was created for the first time in 1971. Since then, the press has been recognised for its high output. Simple installations, little floor area, and low-cost maintenance help it achieve this.

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In addition, the Fin Master Uncoiler (FSU) maintains a continuous supply of fin material to the Fin Stock Lubrication System and the Fin Tooling. The FinMaster Model FM-4 comes with a Fin Stock Uncoiler as an option. The FinMaster Press is designed to be used in conjunction with a tooling station. They’re designed to make a ribbon-like fin. The FinMaster Press, when used in conjunction with the FinMaster Uncoiler, allows for rapid and consistent work. It shines as heat exchanger fin manufacturing gear because of its rapid and simple setup.

Narain cooling  One Of The Best Fin Machine Manufacturers

What We Offer

NCT Produces a large variety of
aluminum cores with high strength
materials for long lasting product to cater
various segments.

Capacity Range :

Capacity Of Fin Machine:

Width – Up to 64 mm

FIN Machines make Fin Art -USA.

As you can see, Narain Cooling is one of the world’s leading Fin Machine Manufacturers in mathura. We also supply fin manufacturing equipment all around the world as part of the Innovative Automation family. We ship all across the world, from Texas to Illinois. Finally, our Fin Production line can assist you in meeting any job volume. For additional information on how Narain cooling may help your business, contact us now.

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